Happy birthday to me!

Last night, right when this day of mine had began, I had the pleasure of celebrating a newborn, cheerful aspect of myself that came into being mere days ago.

This morning, making a phone call, I’ve celebrated Barak the son.

Later, I’ve celebrated my respected and age old aspect of Barak the working man.

I’ve just got in, back from celebrating Barak, the shopper among the crowds.

Right now, at this very instant, I’m celebrating IFB, the internet persona.

This weekend, I gather everyone and celebrate Barak of close friends.

But tonight, I salute one aspect of mine that had gone into hiding and may not come back for a while, Barak the melancholic.

Botched sources or the woes of sharing source code on WordPress

While nobody really asked, I noticed that WordPress terribly botches the scripts I post, replacing quotes with “smart” quotes, double-dashes with long dashes, etc.

That pretty much beats my purpose of sharing the scripts in the first place, since it makes it impractical to copy and paste them, so I’m looking for a different way of sharing my scripts.

I would have preferred to simply upload zipped tarballs to wordpress, however they do not seem allow uploading that file format (for security reasons?), nor do they allow uploading any other archive or plain-text format.

I will attempt to contact the WordPress support about this, in the meantime I’d love to hear suggestions of ways to solve this, id rather not resort to storing the files on a different site.


Transmetropolitan Issue #1 CoverI’ve been reading Transmetropolitan, the excellent comic series by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, and enjoying it tremendously.

The comic is very well written and well drawn, portraying our world 20 to 30 years from now, but like any good science fiction, it actually discusses the present rather then the future.

The setting may be of the 2050s but the ideas and plot, it seems to me, are from the 1960s.

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