My mother`s chicken soup recipie


250 grams of dried peas

250 grams of dried white beans

Chicken parts (the amount and type varies according to the amount and type of serving you want to make)

3-4 large potatoes

1-2 large carrots

1 Onion

3-4Spoons of chicken soup powder

Hal a spoon of salt

My mother`s version

  1. You soak dried white beans and peas in water overnight.
  2. You cut the potatoes into large dice (about 2x2x2 cm)
  3. You slice the carrots into about 2cm long slices.
  4. You put the beans and peas along with the chicken parts, one pealed onion, 3-4 spoons of chicken-soup powder and half a spoon of salt in a large pot and fill the pot with water until it covers everything.
  5. You heat up the pot until the water boils and then lower the fire and lit it cook for 30minutes
  6. You add the potatoes and carrots, and let it cook for an additional couple of hours until the peas melt completely.

Important: While cooking you need to stir the pot occasionally  to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom and burning.

My notes

Since I use an electric stove that takes longer to heat up and produces less heat, I diceded I will put everything in the pot form the beginning and let it all cook longer, the end result was that the potatoes melted as well as the peas and the beans did not become soft enough.

Next time I am going to try coocking the beans alone for an hour before adding to other ingredients.