Looking of an open source Acronis replacement

I’ve been bothered for a while about the fact that was the system disk in one of my home computers to fail, I would find myself forced to go through a long a tedious re-installation process.

Given that I have the disk-space to spare, I’ve been looking for an Acronis-like tool I could use to back up my computers, Clonezilla seems to be the leading option, but it seems to lack the ability to perform online backups.

Resources for writing Firefox Plugins

Gmoe Seahorse (Password Manager) I’ve got a evil plan to write a Firefox/Thunderbird plug-in to store passwords in the GnomeKeyring or some other desktop-wide place instead of the build-in Password Manager.

My particular itch to scratch here is that I’m tired of having to type my master password every time I open up Firefox or Thunderbird. Thunderbird in particular has a bug where I have to type the password multiple times.

Another Idea that I have is to wrote some kind of a desktop service that will automatically go to various sites like Facebook and WordPress and automatically change my password while storing an updated copy in the keyring.

So here are several useful resources to help me accomplish the task: