Puppet Documents Uploaded

Having spent the last couple of days working with Puppet on CentOS 5.0 and having noticed that some things were harder to figure out then expected, I’ve decided to document my experience and share it with the rest of the world, therefore I’ve uploaded some documents to my “Docs” section, I do hope someone will find then useful.

What have I been dong with Puppet you ask? Well, having to perform an Oracle install in order to test some RMAN features, and having chosen CentOS as the platform for that install, I decided to test Puppet’s strength by having it perform the Prerequisite Setup for me.

I will share the Puppet recipe I wrote in order to do so, as soon as I can find the time to clean it up a little.

Onegai Twins is Great!

By following a simple set of rules, I’ve recently allowed myself to get back to watching Anime, but in order to watch Anime, one has to acquire anime, and following my third rule of moderate acquisition, I previewed and had trouble choosing between UFO Princess Valkyrie as well as Mahou Sensei Negima that while both being nice and amusing, great they are not.

But then I previewed Onegai Twins, and it became obvious. Onegai Twins is a whole other league, and is the kind of Anime I’m looking for, in comparison, the other 2 series simply belong (and ended) in the recycle bin…

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EFF’s guide to observing packet spoofing by ISPs

When the link to EFF’s guide for Detecting packet injection popped up in my feed reader I was looking forward to learning the means EFF would offer the general public to learn and deal with the problem of bandwidth discrimination.

I was hoping to find a “user friendly” article that would allow me to explain and demonstrate this problem the less technically oriented among my peers.

However, the approach offered by the article, utilizing Wireshark to analyze network traffic, is well beyond the capabilities of common computer users, so I was greatly disappointed.

I Say No to Facebook

And have been doing so for a while, but here Cory helps me understand why…

Up until it was just that uncomfortable ominous feeling I get when thinking about it that kept me away, but now I can finally also place some rational and logical motives behind my (up until no purely instinctive) rejection of Facebook and it’s peers.

Annoyed with this week’s EscapePod

I’m probably gonna be sorry for posting this out of annoyance later, but here goes:
This week’s is the 1st EscapePod cast ever I’ve stopped listening to halfway through, indeed English is not may native tongue, but while it was good enough allow me to understand the story when I read it back when it was published (and an excellent story it is indeed), I could only understand maybe 30% of the the reader’s words.
Don’t get me wrong, miss Fittzwater’s (donno how to spell that, sorry) accent is exciting enough to make one drool, in this situation it just wont do.

Excited about Puppet

It began with a very simple set of requirements:

  • I have a few Solaris and Linux machines I manage.
  • While most of the users are handled by LDAP, there are a few administrative users and groups I want defined locally on each of the machines.
  • So far I’ve had used a script to define the users for me, however, the script was never meant to be run more then once, so I’ve had to work around it as well as run it manually on each of the machines whenever I needed to add a new user.
  • Using the script, there was no way to know, in one place, which users are defined on which machine, what are their permissions, etc.

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