BR-1138: Brain picking engineers and the Dead Sea

A Chronicle of touring Israel with a Taglit-Birthright group: The first day

On the morning of the first day of our trip, when we, the Israelis were getting on the bus and joining the American group for the first time, I was actually the last of the Israelis to get on the bus. As such, it seemed to me when I was getting up, that there were not many available seats on the bus, therefore, I chose not to venture deep into the bus, but instead sit at the first available seat I could find.

In the seat next to me there sat a guy with body proportions that seemed very similar to mine, a blue shirt and a goatee. That guy was Kevin.

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Nights of IT: How to fix an EMC Celerra

Working in IT is typically a gray, dounting, stressing, frustrating and thankless experiance all at once, but it has it’s shining moments.

You are well into the night supervising a routine system shut-down and recovery test process, when all of a sudden the EMC technician directing the EMC-related part of the process on-site walks into your NOC and tells you a Celerra machine, the big critical one that supports half your organization, will simply not start up.

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BR-1138: Tiberias, Morning and a golden bus

A Chronicle of touring Israel with a Taglit-Birthright group: Meeting the group

I met the wonderful group of people I would spend the following 5 days touring Israel with on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of January 2009. I choose, however, to begin my story on the afternoon of the previous day.

On that particular Monday afternoon I finally left the office to go home and pack for the trip. Due to my minuscule yet, unfortunately, not completely unimportant role in some newsworthy events taking part in Israel in the weeks before, my going on the trip was not at all certain up to that point.

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