Adobe Parries Steve Jobs’ Flash Thrust, Point for Point – Wired gets it wrong

I enjoy following the unfolding debate between Adobe and Apple, I find it to be especially amusing considering the point that Adobe and Apple practically made each other, for there would be no Photoshop without a Mac, and the Mac`s success is largely due to Photoshop’s emergence on that platform.

That being said, I think Wired completely missed the point in their article covering the latest round in the debate.

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Dispora – good idea, but the implementation might be going the wrong way

Diaspora had been getting a lot of press lately, and while I do think that utilizing peer-too-peer and distributed computing technologies to give users back the control over their social and personal information us a good idea, I`m not sure that server-style software is the right way to achieve this.

If breakup of the dominance of big, centralized, services in the social computing sphere is to be achieved, it should be done in the same manner that central FTP archives were made obsolete by P2P software and IM networks by multi-protocol clients – By writing convenient desktop software that will merge in the services of multiple providers to eliminate differentiation and facilitate competition.

Oropo – interesting cluster processing system, but with shortcomings

Following an article in HOWTO Forge (Linked from LinuxToday) I became acquainted with Oropo, a generic system for distributing tasks in a manager/workers computer cluster.

While it does have interesting premise (Having such tools standardized and merged into mainstream distributions), I must say, that being somewhat experienced with such systems, I find Oropo exhibits several shortcomings:

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