Transmetropolitan Issue #1 CoverI’ve been reading Transmetropolitan, the excellent comic series by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, and enjoying it tremendously.

The comic is very well written and well drawn, portraying our world 20 to 30 years from now, but like any good science fiction, it actually discusses the present rather then the future.

The setting may be of the 2050s but the ideas and plot, it seems to me, are from the 1960s.

The issues of poverty and the economical gaps in our society are every bit as relevant today as they were in the 60s, but in a world so technologically advanced as to possess nanotechnological makers capable of creating anything out of anything, is scarcity of resources truly possible?

Another key theme in Transmetropolitan is freedom of the press, and while the scenario of the government closing down all media outlets may have seemed possible back in 2002, the recent events in Minmar stand as proof that in 2007 of blogs and wikis this may longer be possible.

Transmetropolitan has important lessons to teach, but our world is changing both slower and faster then we think, and the optimist in me can’t avoid thinking that in a world heading for a singularity, they may be finally becoming obsolete.

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