Nightwish Concert in Israel

Finally found the time to gather some info about the show, and I gotta tell you, it was way harder then I thought it would be, I mean, you just type “Nightwish show Israel” into Google right? wrong.

But I’ll rant about that some other time.

Right now I managed to gather the following information :

  1. The concert will take place at Hanger 11, Tel Aviv, which is right over here
  2. You can buy tickets online from Hadran, or call them at 03-5215200
  3. Gate opening is at 21:00
  4. Regular ticket costs 199nis

Rebuild of Evangelion

It’s been more then 5 years since I watched it, and almost a year since I’ve forced myself to stop watching Anime so I can get some things done with my life, but this still makes my skin tingle with anticipation.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first Anime I’ve ever fully watched, it did well to pull me into this fascinating genre and triggered a years-long addiction, and while I’ve since watched many a good series, there was never anything quite like it.

I do not know what it is about Evangelion that makes it so unique, the story is rather simplistic, and the characters, while intense, are non the less rather simple, but the series has a way of inspiring emotional involvement, a way of making one believe that every word, every gesture, indeed every breath is important and meaningful and its has a distinct style to it that cannot be mistaken.

I know there must be many new series out there I’d enjoy watching, but I must not if I’m to avoid getting drawn in again, but just this once, when Rebuild of Evangelion is out I’m going to allow myself the pleasure.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

This is my 2nd attempt at blogging.

The 1st attempt went well for a while, but I just stopped posting at some point, I guess its because I started focusing more on the blogging tool rather then the blogging itself, postponing posting to the time the tool will be “ready”.

This seems to be a common pitfall for me, I seem to tend to drift toward occupying myself with the tools rather then the work that need to be done, this is why this time around I chose to use WordPress rather then try to write my own tool.

Well, so I made a WordPress account, selected a theme (I kinda dislike the fact that the WordPress default theme isn’t fluid), now, what should I write about…?