Dolly Zoom Tutorial for Timelapse Hyperlapse

This photography technique produces awesome results, maybe some of my photographer friends would like to try it?  What really impresses me about this, is that this is an art form that could only come into widespread use today, when video screens are ubiquitous and digital images are extremely cheap to make. Truly, a 21st century art.

Linux ports of games not offered via the Humble Store. How strange.

The humble bundle and a sad Linux penguinOne of the reasons I am a fan of the Humble Bundle and a repeat buyer, is the fact that it always offers Linux ports of the games sold.

With that in mind, Imagine my surprise, when I found out that games that were already sold in the past via the bundle, do not offer the Linux ports when they are sold via the Humble Store.

Case to the point: Limbo. I have the Linux port. I bought it via the Bundle. But I can’t recommend it to my Linux using friends because they have no way to get it now that the bundle is done with.

Hey Hollywood! Leave our GitS alone!

Ghost In The Shell characters

Ghost In The Shell characters. Any chance of Hollywood including Tachikomas in the movie?

I’m joining the internet`s collective gasp upon hearing that Scarlet Johnson will star in DreamWork’s production’s Ghost in the Shell.

A lot of commentators point out how white, blond and blue eyed Johnson is, whereas Motoko Kusanagi (Who she is likely to play) is a brunette (in the original movie version) or dark-blue haired (in the TV-series and S.A.C. movies) with Japanese facial features.

I willing to take a wait-and-see stance with regards to this. I do think Johnson kicked ass in the Avengers series. Hair can be died. And who knows? She could end up playing this character (Fat chance). Or maybe as one of several Motoko alternate bodies as a part of a GitS: MMI story arc (Yeah, what are the chances of a Holywood  movie including this complex of an idea and still leaving room for a plot…).

But I have to wonder what kind of treatment would Hollywood give the complex themes of GitS with its strong anti-establishment undertones. While post-Snowden America is primed for a strong anti-big-brother message, I doubt Hollywood is.

Oh yeah, if I get to geek out about Ghost in the Shell I should point out that as a sysadmin I want  this. It would be really useful sometimes…