Fixing the Nautilus garbage bin again

Usability bugs are nasty, they tend to be a major point of frustration for novice users, yet their importance is sometimes hard to explain to developers.

An even worse situation occurs when such bugs, once worked around, come back to bite you in a later software release because of a lack of developer foresight.

I am going to discuss a work around for a bug I’ve already discussed in the past. I’m going to skip going into the details of how this bug arises, please read the previous post for those.

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Botched sources or the woes of sharing source code on WordPress

While nobody really asked, I noticed that WordPress terribly botches the scripts I post, replacing quotes with “smart” quotes, double-dashes with long dashes, etc.

That pretty much beats my purpose of sharing the scripts in the first place, since it makes it impractical to copy and paste them, so I’m looking for a different way of sharing my scripts.

I would have preferred to simply upload zipped tarballs to wordpress, however they do not seem allow uploading that file format (for security reasons?), nor do they allow uploading any other archive or plain-text format.

I will attempt to contact the WordPress support about this, in the meantime I’d love to hear suggestions of ways to solve this, id rather not resort to storing the files on a different site.

Fixing the Nautilus Garbage bin

I’ve recently bought a new 500GB hard drive and installed it on my home machine which is currently running Ubuntu 7.10, once installed, I’ve setup the new hard drive to be mounted under “/usr/local”, made a directory in there for my day-to-day regular user, and moved key large folders, such as my “incoming” folder, from my home directory to the new drive, placing symlinks in the home directory instead.

So far so good, I’ve been enjoying my new drive space without having to change my habits and place files in new locations, but this morning I encountered a weird problem: attempting to move a file in Nautilus, the Gnome file manager, from my “incoming” folder to the Garbage bin, yielded the following friendly but not very helpful error message:

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