Happy birthday to me!

Last night, right when this day of mine had began, I had the pleasure of celebrating a newborn, cheerful aspect of myself that came into being mere days ago.

This morning, making a phone call, I’ve celebrated Barak the son.

Later, I’ve celebrated my respected and age old aspect of Barak the working man.

I’ve just got in, back from celebrating Barak, the shopper among the crowds.

Right now, at this very instant, I’m celebrating IFB, the internet persona.

This weekend, I gather everyone and celebrate Barak of close friends.

But tonight, I salute one aspect of mine that had gone into hiding and may not come back for a while, Barak the melancholic.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

This is my 2nd attempt at blogging.

The 1st attempt went well for a while, but I just stopped posting at some point, I guess its because I started focusing more on the blogging tool rather then the blogging itself, postponing posting to the time the tool will be “ready”.

This seems to be a common pitfall for me, I seem to tend to drift toward occupying myself with the tools rather then the work that need to be done, this is why this time around I chose to use WordPress rather then try to write my own tool.

Well, so I made a WordPress account, selected a theme (I kinda dislike the fact that the WordPress default theme isn’t fluid), now, what should I write about…?