Interesting New (?) Israeli Bands

Last Friday I went with a friend of mine to a concert by rather well known Israeli band called “Nikamt Hatractor” (The name can be roughly translated to “Tractor’s Revenge).

While the concert itself was, unsurprisingly, very good, what really got our attention was a couple of rather good songs we heard played in the background before and after the show.

My friend, being an editor of an Israeli music website, quickly took note of some of the songs` lyrics and went on to look them up when we got home.

The first song we heard was Hamalchitz by Hatavlinim (The Spices) band you can find some info about them as well as lyrics and MP3 files (for free! really!) here:

Unfortunately, my friend didn’t manage to figure out the source of the second song yet, I do hope he’ll figure it out soon enough.


One thought on “Interesting New (?) Israeli Bands

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