Annoyed with this week’s EscapePod

I’m probably gonna be sorry for posting this out of annoyance later, but here goes:
This week’s is the 1st EscapePod cast ever I’ve stopped listening to halfway through, indeed English is not may native tongue, but while it was good enough allow me to understand the story when I read it back when it was published (and an excellent story it is indeed), I could only understand maybe 30% of the the reader’s words.
Don’t get me wrong, miss Fittzwater’s (donno how to spell that, sorry) accent is exciting enough to make one drool, in this situation it just wont do.


2 thoughts on “Annoyed with this week’s EscapePod

  1. Hey, you aren’t alone. I couldn’t even go a minute before giving up. I thought there was something wrong with the mp3 file until I went to the EscapePod website and read the other comments.

  2. Thanks Rick! looking at the EscapePod page, my woes seem to be shared by many, so much that I’m sure Steve will take this to his attention (and probably mention it in the podcast in a couple of weeks…)

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