Onegai Twins is Great!

By following a simple set of rules, I’ve recently allowed myself to get back to watching Anime, but in order to watch Anime, one has to acquire anime, and following my third rule of moderate acquisition, I previewed and had trouble choosing between UFO Princess Valkyrie as well as Mahou Sensei Negima that while both being nice and amusing, great they are not.

But then I previewed Onegai Twins, and it became obvious. Onegai Twins is a whole other league, and is the kind of Anime I’m looking for, in comparison, the other 2 series simply belong (and ended) in the recycle bin…

Onegai Twins is a truly excellent Anime, In my view it belongs right up there at the top league with the likes of Air, Haibane Renmei and Azumanga Daiou.

While not strictly being a sequel Onegai Twins takes place following the events and in the same place as (Not as good, IMO) Onegai Teacher, I was initially unaware of the fun relation between the two series, but it was made obvious by a cameo right in the opening theme.

The series tells the story of Kamishiro Maiku, a boy who was abandoned by his mother and who’se only link to his early childhood is a photo showing in a children’s pool with a little girl, presumably his twin sister, the series tells the story of his meeting, 15 years later with that girl.

If you’re an Anime watcher, I highly recommend watching this fun and moving series, you won’t be disappointed.


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