Nights of IT: How to fix an EMC Celerra

Working in IT is typically a gray, dounting, stressing, frustrating and thankless experiance all at once, but it has it’s shining moments.

You are well into the night supervising a routine system shut-down and recovery test process, when all of a sudden the EMC technician directing the EMC-related part of the process on-site walks into your NOC and tells you a Celerra machine, the big critical one that supports half your organization, will simply not start up.

You look at his perplexed face, when he tells you he pushed the case into “severity 1” but have never seen anything like it before, you notice your downtime window is gonna end soon and you’re gonna be facing angry questions and you wonder if you should begin to worry…

All of a sudden 3 of your junior techs walk into the room, all smiles, and tell you they “fixed it”, but you wouldn’t believe how.

…They kicked the machine…


3 thoughts on “Nights of IT: How to fix an EMC Celerra

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