Cory Doctorow lecture about freedom, surveillance and technology

Angry cat with a network cable criticizing the NSAI just listened to a Cory Doctorow lecture he gave at the Central European University in Budapest.

The lecture recounts the same themes and ideas he talked about in numerous other lectures and wrote about in his book “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free“. The difference about this lecture is that it was targeted at a somewhat less-technically oriented audience, and therefore includes basic high-level explanations as to why there are no such things as “golden keys” to cryptography.

I recommend sharing this with less technically inclined friends and family who care about freedom, surveillance and related policy.

Also, this cat.


Automatic loading of SSH keys from scripts

a keyWhen using SSH with public-key authentication, ‘ssh-agent‘ is a useful compromise between storing the SSH private key un-encrypted to disk and having to type the key`s passphrase every time you need to make an SSH connection.

When using SSH from scripts, things are further complicated, because no one is around to type in the passphrase. From this reason, SSH keys that are used by servers are, more often then not, stored with no encryption, thereby becoming a lucrative target for hackers.

With some clever manipulation, a script can be written in such a way where it can make use of the ‘ssh-agent‘ to load and use an encrypted private key.

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