Syncthing a Free Software peer-to-peer file sync software

Syncthing logoSo-called cloud storage services such as DropBox, SpiderOak, SkyDrive and Google Drive provide a convenient means of moving files between different computers and have largely eliminated the need to use USB thumb drives or other physical means to move data. Most online services however, suffer from one or more of the following shortcomings:

  1. The amount of storage one can use tends to be very small. Especially when considered against the size of an average computer hard drive.
  2. The user’s data is completely exposed to the cloud provider.
  3. The end-user software provided by the cloud provider may not support all platforms the user has, and may provide limited features.

From the above reasons, I was very excited to hear about BitTorrent Sync. BitTorrent Sync eliminates the first problem by having the amount of storage a user can use limited only by the size of the hard drive that he has. It solves the second problem by being completely peer-to-peer, which means that data is synced only between computes that the user chooses and controls. The 3rd problem is so far been approached in a satisfactory manner as clients are available for all major platforms.

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