CompuLab does it again – A new line of tiny, powerful PC’s

Fitlet. Model XCompuLab is a company in Israel that manufactures a line of small but powerful Intel-based PC computers. They got some publicity joining hands with the Linux Mint project and producing the MintBox. I wrote about them in the past.

As far as I know, CompuLab were the first to produce a PC computer that was not only very small, but also packaged in a way that made it useful for consumer-style applications as well as industrial ones. This concept of small form factor PCs has been popularized in recent years by Intel’s line of NUC PCs.

Now CompuLab are upping the game by creating ‘fitlet‘, a computer that is a lot smaller (To the point of fitting in one’s pocket) while still being as powerful as many models of NUC. It also seems to be cheaper.

Now I have to wonder if and when we’ll see people using those ‘fitlets’ to build ‘orange boxes‘…