Open source license satistics: Copyleft/GPL still popular

Open Source software license statistics from Phoronix. GPL is by far the most popular licensePhoronix published an interesting article, where they collected some statistics about the kinds of open source licenses used by projects hosted on various project hosting platforms.

I was under the impression that there is some kind of backlash against the ‘copyleft’ idea, with GPL-style licenses losing grounds to less strict, BSD-style licenses. The statistics seem to indicate this is not the case.

There is not enough data to really answer that question. I would really like to see some analysis done over time to examine that point.

I would also like to see license proliferation analysis with grouping by programming languages, project categories, project ‘age’, and type of organizations involved. Are BSD-type licenses more popular in JavaScript projects as opposed to C/C++ based projects? Are Apache-style licenses more popular in big-data projects? Are GPL licenses more commonly used in projects that have been going on longer? Do projects where the primary driving organization is a start-up company, tend to be more loosely licensed, to allow companies to capitalize on them by closing the source at some point?


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