systemd cheat sheet

systemd cheet sheetThe system manager’s adoption by Red Hat alone, was enough to make ‘systemd‘ a required learning for every self-respecting Linux sysadmin. Its adoption by most other Linux distributions, made it completely mandatory.

Its not hard to learn to use ‘systemd’. The developers made a conscious efforts to make it compatible, where possible, with existing procedures and commands. The developers also produced some very extensive and detailed documentation. Indeed, a rare thing in the Linux world for such a young product.

To get you started on learning, here is a quick cheet sheet mapping new ‘systemd’ command to classic ‘System-V’ commands.

Be warned, this chart is not without shortcomings: It completely avoids mentioning ‘journald‘ and ‘journalctl’ which may be the most important tools for a sysadmin to know about, It wastes room specifying replacements for many old-style commands that could still be used as-is for the same purpose, And it provides no insight about the ways in which ‘systemd’ functions very differently from System-V.

‘systemd’ had been a subject of heated topic and debate. I won’t hide the fact that I think it does bring welcome change. But even if you find yourself among the detractors, it is better to oppose from a knowledgeable position.


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