On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

This article already made the rounds a couple of weeks ago, but I find myself compelled to post a link here since it seems so relevant to everyone I know.

As I think of this, it doesn’t seem to me that that are that many jobs that are 100% bullshit, I think all jobs have necessary components to them, but it does seem that the amount of time spent performing “bullshit tasks” in a given job keeps expanding.

I think I may be lucky, I do get to spend a considerable amount of time solving technical problems for my clients, but it seems I spend an equal, if not larger portion of my time attending meetings, writing and obtaining approval for documents and procedures, scheduling and coordinating. It also seems that new automation tools and techniques go a long way towards shrinking the time spend performing  the former set of tasks while contributing nothing to the efficiency of performing the latter.


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