NME – Another write once run everywhere toolkit

NMENME is an open source cross-platform programming framework based on the HAXE language. It’s main stated purpose is to let you write a single code base that will then be portable to a wide range of devices and platforms. This is not a new idea, in fact this, is a kind of a computing holy grail, that goal was stated by HTML5, and by Java before that, and by Cross-Platform toolkits before that, and by high-level languages before that. And while all those tools have their advantages and uses, none had become “the single tool you use for everything”, most found other purposes that were far removed from the originally stated goals. While HTML5 seems to me to be the most serious contender to that throne, it’s success might be due to the fact that you have the same browsers everywhere.

NME seems to have an enthusiastic community around it, and who knows, with the mobile market’s balkanized state, it might succeed.


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