JavaScript as a multilangauge environment.

emscriptenI am fascinated by multi-language programming environments and libraries. I believe that if a programming environment or technique is useful, that it should be useful to programmers of many languages, not just those of the language with which the environment was initially implemented. That is why I typically dislike thing like Rails, Java and browser JavaScript – that take a set of ideas and confine them to a single language.

It is not by mistake that I’ve specified the 3 technologies above. All of them have become multi-language over time, the ideas in Rails have been re-implemented many times in many languages, The Java VM has become a language neutral runtime, and now, it seems, so do the web browsers` JavaScript engines.

Here is a list of languages that can be compiled to JavaScript, it is quite extensive, and includes Python, Ruby, Java and C# to name a few.

Another approach is to use something like Emscripten to actually compile the language interpreters written in C or C++ to JavaScript, I”m beginning to wonder if someone would try to compile the JVM or the CLR with it, at some point it may become impossible to tell how many layers of compilers and interpreters you are running on top of…


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