d0x3d: An Open Source Board Game about Network Security

Open Source Board Game about Network Security: d0x3dI believe that ignorance about information security and privacy is one of the ills of our modern information-based society and the reason behind many failed policy decisions. With that in mind , I’m always interested in ideas such as this board game that can assist in teaching security concepts to the masses.

Unfortunately I think this game isn’t quite up to task. It is played from the point of view of hackers attacking a corporate network, as such, it seems more suitable for teaching security professionals then the general public. I’d rather see a game played from the point of view of network admins or home users looking to protect their privacy, in order to inform the general public about the dangers they face every day without even knowing.

Another shortcoming of this game, in my opinion, is that it has cards representing various network devices such as firewalls, access points and SSO servers, that seem to represent all of them as equal and interchangeable, without taking into consideration their role and utility in the security and general network context. In the real world, compromising a printer has very different impact then compromising the organizations central directory server.


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