Adobe Parries Steve Jobs’ Flash Thrust, Point for Point – Wired gets it wrong

I enjoy following the unfolding debate between Adobe and Apple, I find it to be especially amusing considering the point that Adobe and Apple practically made each other, for there would be no Photoshop without a Mac, and the Mac`s success is largely due to Photoshop’s emergence on that platform.

That being said, I think Wired completely missed the point in their article covering the latest round in the debate.

By portraying the debate in terms of Ipod vs. Flash the article plays the debate into Steve Job’s hands because Ipod in the new favorite shiny thing while Flash had long been the hated but necessary “black sheep” of the Internet.

But this is not what heated up the argument, it seems that many were willing to accept the lack of Flash on the Iphone and Ipod, the thing that Apple did next, ban developers from using AIR, Adobe’s cross-platform development environment, is where, in my view, Apple went too far.

No platform provider should be allowed to ban 3rd party developers from using whatever tools they wish, if they can make the tools work for the platform, it is for that platform’s benefit. A provider is not required to support all the tools that developers use, but banning tools altogether is forbidden as well.


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