Thoughts about Feedly

At the advice of a friend of mine I installed and checked out Feedly, an RSS reader that ships as a browser plug-in for most popular browsers.

Note that I am a savvy Google Reader user and use it daily as my surfing starting point.

Here are my thoughts about Feedly:


  • Very good Google integration – You “log-in” to Feedly using your Google account, and from that point it automatically reads and synchronizes with your Google Reader settings, it also shows you your Buzz feed and allows you to share selected posts with Gmail or Buzz.
  • Good integration with Twitter – By filling in your Twitter account details you can make Feedly merge your twitter feed with your Buzz feed and allow you to share posts using Twitter.
  • Integration with other web service – Feedly presents a row of icons with each post that allows you to share that post using a plethora of popular web services including, Facebook , Posterous and others. Feedly also adds a small toolbar to your browser that alows you to share any page may be viewing using the aftermentioned services.


  • Lots of wasted screen real-estate – Wide and blank left and right margins, use of both left and right sidebars to generally show the same information at varying levels of detail, use of newspaper-like displays that spread too little information over too large an area, even the compact list display (Which is similar to the Google Reader list display) wastes vertical space by including large date separators. Feedly also doesn’t seem to include many customization options to change the various displays other then choosing the content displayed on them.
  • Integration isn’t very flexible – While feedly includes integration with many web services it doesnt seem to include plug-ins or any other means to add integration to other services there also doen`t seem to be any way to cut back the rediculess arry of service icons presented with any post to show only the services your are actually using.
  • No integration woth major services – Notably missing is integration with big and popular web services such as Digg, WordPress and Blogger.

Bottom line – Feedly does not seem to be suitable for my needs as a savvy RSS user that can go through hundreds of posts a day, and would like to at-least have a quick look at each and every post in the feeds he is subscribed to. It seems to me it is more suitable for a pick-and-chew style of reading where one takes a quick glimpse at a random selection from one’s feeds and reads what seems to be interesting at the moment.

I will not become a regular Feedly user, but it might suit your needs.

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