Amsterdam trip notes – The first day

Obtaining the I-Amstrdam card

The I-Admsterdam card provides free and discount access to most museums as well as many of the public transportation systems, therefore it was essential to have before I begin touring the city.

My plan for the event in which I failed to obtain the I-Amsterdam card, which I booked in advance, at the airport, was to obtain it at the tourist information booth located at Leidseplain which is quite near to my hotel, there fore I got up early and went out to obtain the card, as it turns out, not only did the booth only open at 10, it was also impossible to use my voucher to get the card there. Eventually, I had to walk to the central station to obtain my card.

Canal cruise

My original plan was to begin my tour by taking a the boat cruise provided by the “Blue Boat Company” which departs next to my hotel. Since I had to walk to the central station, I took the “Holland International” boat tour departing from there.

Unfortunately I couldn`t see much during the tour itself because the temperatures were dropping and it was difficult to see through the boat windows.

One thing I did notice during the tour was the long, long, long queue at the entrance to the Anna Frank house, at that point I decided to forgo going that museum.


When I got off the boat, it began to really snow, that was exiting for a while, but eventually the excitement wore off and I realized it wasn`t at all that pleasant to be outside in the snow, and decided to get indoors by visiting the Madam Tussodis museum.

Madame Tussauds Museum

My visit to the museum was hampered by the fact my bladder was bothering me when I got inside and there was nowhere to relieve it.

Apart from the usual Madame Tussauds exhibition of famous star statues, the Amsterdam museum also featured a local section dedicated to Amsterdam history and well a darker section featuring a simulated tour through the citie`s famous dungeons.

Van-Goch Musium

The museum itself was rather extensive and interesting, but one thing I have to note is the difficulty I had finding the entrance to the building as I was coming from the direction of the Museumplain, I had surrounded what seems to be a decorative structure build behind the museum itself twice before I realized the entrance was into the other building from the nearby street.


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