Amsterdam trip notes – The flight and the hotel

The flight

If you fly with a Turkish airline – don`t be surprised if they are late every time – by a lot. The food during the flight from Tel-Aviv to Istanbul was a joke – a sample of potato salad and some sausages. But the food during the later flight was a lot better – grilled chicken breast. Either way I was very hungry both times, so I didn’t really care what the food was.

Getting to Amsterdam

Originally I was planning to obtain my I-Amsterdam card which I pre-booked at the airport and take the opportunity to ask about getting to Amsterdam and buy the appropriate bus or train ticket. However, by the time I got to Schipol (The international airport near Amsterdam), all the information desks were closed. Its a good thing I planned for this contingency and knew in advance which bus to take, though the maps and information I had was scarcely enough to allow me to find my way to the hotel. Eventually what saved that day was the nice and patient bus driver.

The Hotel

The hotel Mozart I stayed at is conveniently located next one of the citie’s traffic and shopping centers as well as a large concentration of big and famous museums. Positioned inside of a classic canal house the hotel is interestingly narrow and long, which made for a slightly less thrilling experience once I was faced with the small size of my room…

And while the size being a shortcoming by far the biggest problem with the hotel is the fact that I cant use the free wireless internet connection from my room, and have to go down to the lobby.

Other then that, the hotel and room are well furnished and well maintained, so all in all, a good enough home-base for my short stay.


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