Finnish political system

Justen seems to be attempting to answer my post however, I can’t see what his discussion of the Finnish political system has do do with my critique.

It is striking to notice though how similar is the Finnish system to the Israeli one, albeit, the tones are quite different, he claims that important public policy issues that are out of the general consensus aren’t throughly discussed, and blames it on the structure of the political system, in similarly-structured Israel, however, issues are argued upon quite violently.

I have no choice but to conclude that the tone of the political argument seems to have more to do with the character of the general population then the structure of the political systems.

One point that Justen interestingly seems to omit, is that a system in which big parties require the cooperation of smaller parties in order to form a coalition, is one that gives those parties incredible exhortation power and often allows them to push the narrow goals of their relatively minor electorate forward in expense for the goals of the political majority.

One instance of such a small party utilizing its power is the recent dealings around law proposition 892 (which I should have written about long ago).

Law proposition 892 proposes to mandate internet service providers to utilize internet filtering software in order to block pornographic websites, thereby forcing web surfers to actively opt-out if they wish to have their connection not filtered (and subsequently be listed on what may be considered a sex-offender’s list).

Law proposition 892 is pushed forward by the minister of communications, which is a member of “Shase”, a relatively small party representing a religiously orthodox Jewish population, which is generally not considered to be internet-using (or television-watching).

Law proposition 892 has met stern objections from all the left-winged political bodies, most of the players in the tech and communication industries an, obviously, the blogsphere, but despite all that it seems to keep on moving forward with the political coalition voting for it.


4 thoughts on “Finnish political system

  1. “One point that Justen interestingly seems to omit..”

    That would have been the part where I mentioned Germany and nuclear power.

    “Because in Germany it is nearly impossible to form a coalition without the Greens, the cabinet’s views on many subjects may differ but nuclear powerplants are always going down..”

  2. Oh, forgot.
    The alternative, of course, is Anglo-American two-party system where minorities don’t get any true representation (for examble, the above mentioned Greens) and both parties have to resort to populism to keep up the edge. There also seems to be willingless to never back down on any proposition because that would be seen as conceding that you were wrong.

    Oh, and of course, if there is more than two solutions to a problem, two will ever get any attention.

  3. And once more!

    About 892; here it was just one person (Minister of Communication, from Centre) who argued that (1.) only websites located on servers that could not be brought down would be censored and (2.) no finnish server or site would ever get to the list.

    The list would be implemented by ISP and it would be voluntary opt-in for the company (because Mandatory would go against EU laws). However, if ISPs would not implement the list (gathered and kept up to date by police) something more trastic would have to be done.

    So, most of the bigger ISP’s did as asked (most of the smaller ones didn’t, and I’ve switched to one of those smaller ones thanks to these events). Then internet activist noted that most of the sites on the list (which is TOP SECRET) seemed to be legal gay porn, and anyway seemingly located in EU and USA (so the servers should be easy enough to bring down).
    So police blocked his infosite as well. (And are now pushing for charges because his site effectively worked as “childporn central”).

    The law was implemented unanimously, btw. “Please, think of the children.” The only critic (my representitive, btw) happened to be seriously sick at home on the voting day.

    There was lots of media attention a month or so ago, and the list is going thru some tweaking, but most of the problems still stand.

  4. Hi,
    First and foremost, thank you for blogging about it in english. we are in dire need for bloggers in english to write about prop 892 and to help us get public attention from the international community.

    If you need more information regarding it, please let me know, you have my mail.


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