Oracle RAC/Linux/ASM forum convention

I’ve spent Wednesday afternoon at ilOUG‘s RAC/Linux/ASM forum convention held at the Hilton Tel-Aviv hotel.

Without naming names, I must say that that overall, the level of lectures was so low to be embarrassing.

While the lecture material itself was interesting enough so that even an experienced user of the RAC, Linux and ASM technologies such as myself could learn a few new tricks, the manner in which the lectures were given was poor indeed.

It seemed to me that none of the lecturers had done even the trivial preparation of reading the lecture material beforehand, not to mention practice the lecture rhythm and technique.

Its a real shame that I need to level such a critique at what could otherwise be a very entertaining and interesting convention.

Having said that, I did manage to properly utilize the convention to meet and catch up with various people I know from various edges of the industry.


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