Awesome Rami Fortice show last night

I was at an absolutely smashing Rami Fortis gig last night playing at Lavontin 7, and while Fortis himself was as full of energy as delightfully mad and as engaging as he ever is, what truly made the show was the crowd.

Among the memorable events:

  1. More then once the entire crowd embarked on rhythmic shouts of “Fortis meshuggah!” (Fortis is Mad, A slogan which seems to be some kind of a well known Fortis mametic trademark), to which Fortis replied a couple of times that he is now too old to be that mad, and besides, it seems madness had become mainstream…
  2. At several occasions, while the crowd was shouting “Fortis meshuggah!” one guy in the front rows was echoing “Uggah! Uggah!” and waving a shrink-wrapped cake (“Uggah” in Hebrew), Fortis noticed that near the end of the show and asked “What do I have to do with a cake? and a factory-made synthetic one no less, I’d appreciate it more if you’ve brought a real cake your mom made”, to which the guy replied something I couldn’t hear causing Fortis to accept the cake and acknowledge the witty come back.
  3. At some point during the show, while Fortis was between songs, the entire crowd started singing “Aggam Anakit” (Huge lake) to which Fortis had no choice but to go along and sing the song.
  4. Fortis was called back to the stage no less then three times by an excited crowd that simply refused to go home, the first couple of times, it seemed just staying there and generating round after round of applause for a few minutes was enough, but the 3rd time, once just shouting and applauding didn’t seem to convince Fortis to come back, the crowd embarked on singing one of his more popular songs (damn me for not remembering which).
  5. For the last song of the show, Fortis said he was gonna do a trick he didn’t do in Tel-Aviv before, and called any girl who was willing, to come on stage and went on to perform “Ain ketz layaldut” (No end to childhood) with them.

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