Code Gaess: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Ok, so what do we have here:

  • Mechas wrecking havoc in the city: Check.
  • Mysterious girl to make her appearance in key event: Check.
  • Motivated but self-doubtful teenage male characters to pilot the Mechas: Check.
  • Main character mysteriously better at piloting Mechas then anyone else: Check.
  • Long time friends find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict: Check.
  • Super-Mecha to end all Mechas presented to the world: Check.
  • Bad guy with vague morals and sexual orientation: Check

  • Interesting and innovative Mecha designs: Nope, other then the splitting head camera thing they are pretty much your standard-run of the mill Mechas.
  • Senseless humor to go with the senseless destruction: Not here, its dead serious.
  • Parody as well as homage to the Mecha genera: Not here.
  • Smart commentary on inter-human relations: Can’t find any.
  • Multiple layers of meaning to make you watch over and over: Nada.
  • Awesome animation quality to make up for all the plot holes: None here.
  • Semi-satirical commentary about world politics: Nope, it might have well been the “Zulu empire”, seems its the “British empire” so they have an excuse to use Chess and funky nobility titles.
  • Doubts about the goodness of the good guys or the badness of bad guys: No sir! Japan=Good, Britain=Bad, kapish?

Why should I watch this again? classical Gundam and Macross are a-dime-a-dozen, in a genre which already seen the likes of NGE, Nadesico and Macross Zero, Code Gaess really doesn’t cut it.


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