Why watch Claymore

ClaymoreIf you take a look at my “My Stats” section, you’ll note that I mention Claymore as the next Anime I’m going to watch, it is quite apparent that this isn’t quite the usual kind of Anime I prefer watching, for once, on the face of it, its completely Shounen, full of 15 year-old testosterone and slim girls with huge-ass (Berserk-style) swords killing Yoma, which are nowhere as colorful as even the ones in Inuyasha.

And indeed, when I gave it my customary 3-episode evaluation watch, I couldn’t find many reasons to keep on watching, for once, I find the crybaby character of Raki (Lucky?) quite annoying.

Still, I kept on watching, I don’t know what was it that compelled me to, maybe it was the cliffhanger at the end of the 3rd episode, or Clair’s character design (I do seem to have a weakness for short haired Anime characters), or maybe there was something to the interaction between Clair and Raki after all.

Come the 5th episode, we are introduced to the characters of the arrogant and selfish Teresa and the terror struck and silent young Clair (who may or may not be a younger version of the Clair portrayed in the first episodes, interesting either way), and what becomes a rather interesting and amusing interaction between the two.

Not going on, in order to avoid spoiling, I’ll just say that I found myself enjoying the series despite myself, and I have moved it to my full download queue, it should be complete and I shall continue watching in a few days.


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