Battlestar Galactica probably isn’t for me

I gave that series my customary “1st and 2nd episode decision making watch”, and since its usually hard for me to decide negatively, I even gave it the “mercy 3rd episode watch”, but it the end the conclusion was unavoidable, in my view it is only worthy of it initials, B.S. Galactica…

I really can’t see a reason to spend more then 40 hours of my life (4 seasons! why can’t the Americans and Brits keep their series short?!) on that series, the story is technophobic and implausible, the characters and stereotypical and uninteresting, and the scenery, well, white-boards on an FTL spaceship?!? and why oh why do they cut off the corners of all their paper?

The only positive point I can make about that series it that the Cylons seem to be the most human and interesting characters in it, when you watch a series and you can’t wait for the bad guys to win and kill everyone, well that probably means you shouldn’t go on watching…

I’ve read Doctorow, Stross and Kurtzweil, I just can’t stomach the idea of spaceships built to carry monkeys around and computers being the bad guys, if you must tell the “Ah! our machines are gonna kill us all” story, at least be funny about it

And if you do want to make a space opera, at least throw in some elves to make it interesting…


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