Copyright law in Israel

I’ve been an avid reader and listener of both Cory Doctorow and The Command Line and hence I’ve heard a great deal of discussion about copyright issues and had become concerned about those issues myself, hence I began to wonder what was going on with regard to those issue here in my own little pond of Israel, all I had was a vague notion that here the copyright law was a little less restrictive then the US DMCA.

This is why I was both surprised and please to hear The Command Line mentioning Israel in his last show and specifically noting that a new copyright law had been passed recently.

Wishing to learn more about this I did some searching and found this, overall it seems to be good news, there is no (in my view, stupid) anti-circumvention legislation, and there was an emphasis put on civil and consumer rights.

As much as we Isrealies like to ridicule or legislators and be pessimistic about their capabilitie, more often then not I’m pleasantly surprised by the wisdom that seems to be embedded in some of our laws.

I believe we should strive for better Copyright awareness in Israel, so far most references to copyrights I’ve seen and heard in the media were I’ll informed endorsements of the rhetoric steaming out of the likes of RIAA and MPAA.


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