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Friday, June 18, 2010

RabbitVCS : Easy version control for Linux

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RabbitVCS is a plug-in for Nautilus, The Gnome file manager, that implements a GUI for the Subversion Code Version Control system similar to the way TortoiseSVN does this for Windows Explorer.

As one can see from the comments on the site, this is a much sought-after feature.

The system is written in Python, and the authors indicate intentions to support more version control systems in the future with support for Git already in the works.  I will be very happy to see it support my personal favorite VCS, Bazaar, one day.

Rabbit VCS is very programmer oriented, and probably not suitable for common users, one thing I would like to see in Nautilus one day, is a tool that would deliver the benefits of file version tracking to common users, such a tool would need to support not only  developer oriented VCS, but also other OS and infrastructure-level facilities such as LVM and Storage snapshots and Backup systems.

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